Why choose Fitness Hook Gym & Spa

Your body is designed to move with purpose. We can help you go further with the right balance of training and motivation. Combine our fully equipped gyms with specialised exercise techniques, such as Dynamic Movement Training, to explore new ways to challenge yourself.

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About the Fitness Hook Gym & Spa

Tranform your fitness goals to optimum endurance,strength,muscles and flexibility.

Get Stronger

Our experienced staff designs custom programs, ensuring success. We motivate, educate, and challenge you to be your best!

Try New Activities

We provide individual introduction sessions for any of our class formats. Try Pilates, boxing, step or yoga and we will get you ready to move smoothly into the class

Get Healthy

Starting with your Fitness Evaluation, we guide you in using exercise to improve your everyday health.

Learn To Relax

Try Yoga, Taiji or Qi Gong to clear your mind and reduce tension, and unwind after a hard workout or a long day.